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After a few months of absence, I recently made a return trip into Second Life using the WindLight client. I could not believe how beautiful the landscape is with the new client. I thought I’d spend a few hours playing with it and that would be it. I got hooked. The next day […]

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What I Hate! Episode #319

Moviestorm commissioned Fling Films to breakout the ending credits scene from Morning Run Amok and give it its own place in the spotlight. This is the result which highlights some of the items and animations from Moviestorm’s two new Domestic Drama expansion packs.
CJ Ambrosia returns in his role as YouTube’s larger-than-life HarryPackage88, the vid-prolific complainer […]

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Atom Films and Me…

The saga gets a little weirder: just after uploading my animation entitled “The Internet, You Am A Winners!” to the Atom Films site I received a letter from yourfriend@atomfilms.com stating I had violated their terms of service. I replied with the following:
Dear User Abuse Manager,
It would be nice to know exactly what “abuse” my movie […]

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