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There are many ways to create three dimensional animations in the comfort of your own home or office. Some techniques have steep learning curves. The many software packages written specifically for building and animating one's own 3D characters and 3D worlds are not designed for those with a casual interest in telling stories through a visual medium; however, there is a way for anyone, with a little practice, who loves playing PC games to make animated features of any length. It's commonly called machinima.

Some of the more generalized information and tutorials on making your own machinima will be listed here as they are found on the Internet.

Wikipedia on machinima

Specific Game Animation Information:
You may notice that most of my resources for in-game filmmaking have to do with the game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Here is the simple answer as to why: it's the game I was hooked on when I got hooked on Machinima.


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (GTA:SA)
This is the official web site for the game.
Pawfect Films
You can download this very necessary tool called San An Studios from here. The program will allow you to control many aspects of GTA:SA in order to make your movies. They also produce the GTA machinima series called "Peds" for your enjoyment.
SA Cam Hack
ToCA Edit's free program that lets you take control of the camera in the game GTA:SA.
A powerful piece of software used to record any action taking place on your computer monitor. Think of it as the viewfinder of a video camera. Whenever you want to record your in-game experience and turn it into a movie file on your hard drive just have it running and hit the record button. Download the demo from their web site.

The following are sites that will help you modify GTA:SA. You can make your movies using the stock characters, textures, maps and props in the game, but sometimes you may want or need something custom.
GTA Garage
This site contains a slew of mods and modding tools for the GTA series of games. A "mod" is a modification to the game made by the players. Mods range from being as simple as changing the color or the texture of a game character or prop to as extensive as whole new environments and missions.
GTA Forums
This is where you'll want to go if you ever decide to make your own game mods. If their tutorial forum was a paperback book on my desk, it would be worn to shreds by now. You can also interact with all the most prolific mod makers. Most of them are very helpful and very smart.

My Big Green Building Mod
Download this RAR file which contains my quick and dirty map mod. It places a new building on the movie studio lot in Vinewood and doesn't alter any existing maps in the game.

The new building is large and green (color used, red:0 green:255 blue:0) It's not pretty to look at from the surrounding area, but it's only supposed to be used to film chroma key scenes with 360 degrees of movement inside. It can even fit large land vehicles. I haven't tested it with all vehicles (like a semi-tractor/trailer rig), but I have driven the nearby spawned RV into it without problems.

For those of you that don't know what a green screen (or chroma key) is used for, in a nutshell: it's a backdrop for movie scenes your characters act in front of. After filming, during the editing process, you can merge any background you like behind the actors. Just make sure your actors/props have no green colors in their textures.


Iclone is fast becoming the most complete and customizable machinima platform.


To view the films on this site your browser will need to have the free DivX Web Player plugin installed. Get it here!