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2:11 am, February 18, 2018
Thanks for visiting the gallery! The goal of Fling Films is to make quality animated short films to tell stories using just about any desktop animation techniques we can get our hands on. You can watch and download our productions any time you'd like by visiting our Films page.

If you are interested in making your own desktop 3D animations, check out our Resources page to learn how to get the ball rolling.
Good for one admission to MY NEWT THEATER Faux PSA for the Internet
Dishing out the dramedy, around a minute at a time.
"Anybody's Guess"

Stay tuned for each new 60 second episode.
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The Internet, You Am A Winners!
If you don't get it, you might be that guy.

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Fling Films Newest Short Film Release - posted November 17, 2007
"FLeeF's Second Life Sojourn"
"Inspired by the beauty of the WindLight"
A Second Life music video as seen through the eyes of the WindLight client
and featuring the song "From Agnes, Flowers" by Frank L. Fox.
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